The Mindray T1 transforms patient care by adapting to your patient's needs across the hospital enterprise – from module, to transport, to stand-alone bedside monitor – while maintaining continuity of patient information and speeding workflow.

The T1 Transport Monitor/Module is a compact, lightweight solution that serves as a powerful transport monitor, a comprehensive multi-parameter module, and a versatile bedside monitor – all in one. Providing a standard robust, multi-measurement feature set, the T1 goes further with optional multi-vector ST and arrhythmia analysis, 12-lead ECG with interpretation, CO2 monitoring, and integrated wireless communications. When connected to an external touchscreen display, the T1 transforms into a bedside monitor expanding capabilities with features such as multiple screen layouts for customization of waveform and numeric data, configurable quick keys, and bed to bed communication.
  • Features & Benefits

    • Robust monitoring in compact, lightweight package (2 lb, 0.9 kg)
    • 5" brilliant touchscreen display
    • Familiar intuitive interface across Passport family
    • Up to 4 waveforms displayed
    • Over 10 critical parameters can be monitored
    • Extensive data storage and up to 48 hours of full disclosure
    • Serves as multi-parameter module for Passport 12m and 17m monitors
    • Flexible transport solution
    • Connect to Mindray 19" touchscreen display to create expanded bedside monitor
    • Multiple mounting solutions
    • Defibrillator synchronization
    • Wired and wireless communications to central stations
    • Battery run time of over 3.5 hours

    One monitor. Multiple solutions

    T1 as a Multi-Parameter Module

    Slides directly into Passport 12m and17m integrated module bay

    • Standard measurements include 3 and 5-lead ECG, NIBP, dual invasive pressures, Masimo SET®SpO2, respiration, dual temperatures
    • Optional measurements include:

    – ST and arrhythmia analysis

    – 12-lead ECG with interpretation

    – Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2

    – CO2: Sidestream or Oridion® Microstream 

    • 120 hours of graphic and tabular trends and 48 hours of full disclosure
    • Recall for 1000 NIBP measurements
    • Event review for up to 100 physiological alarms and up to 100 arrhythmia alarms


    T1 as a Compact Transport Module

    Slides directly into Transport Module Rack

    • Lightweight 2.0 lb (0.9 kg) package
    • Transport Module Rack supports additional module (for CO2 monitoring)
    • Battery run time of over 3.5 hours
    • Built-in wireless communications
    • Defibrillator synchronization
    • Multiple mounting solutions including bed rail hook, pole mount, rolling stand


    T1 as a Versatile Bedside Monitor

    Slides directly into Docking Station

    • Docking Station supports power, network, printer, USB, and remote display connections
    • With Mindray 19" touchscreen display, transforms to bedside monitor
    • Supports additional monitoring functionality including:

    – Multiple display options

    – Up to 7 full waveforms

    – 12-lead ECG view

    – Minitrends

    – Calculations

    – PAWP application

    – View Other feature (bed-to-bed viewing)